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Introducing iinView’s New LeadTracker Browser Plugin

Save, track and apply to job leads anywhere on the internet.

The future of job searching has arrived. With hundreds of job recruiting websites out there, keeping track of potential jobs can be overwhelming. iinView’s new LeadTracker browser plugin eliminates the need to bookmark individual web pages across multiple recruitment websites.

Store and categorize jobs.

Compile job listings from anywhere on the internet to create a rich library of personal job leads. Save the position, company name, location and more. Keep track of jobs you have already applied for and categorize them with our dynamic rating and tagging system.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Start by downloading and installing our browser plugin by clicking here. Fill in the key details for each position you want to track. You can also indicate whether or not your have applied to a job listing.You may also show if you have applied for each job listing or not. Last, put on your best game face, dress to impress and nail that interview.

iinView LeadTracker plugin gives you the “iin” you need. Start tracking today!

Search for jobs, increase your value, and put yourself in view of the career that is perfect for you. Sign up today!