A better resume.

The perfect one.

A resume built by experts.

The Perfect Resume was built by iinView’s experts to highlight what matters the most to employers and recruiters. Following this format, you’ll let your skills and achievements sell you to prospective employers, giving you more opportunity to land your dream job.

Your skills stand out.

If you ask recruitment professionals what the most important part of a resume is, most of them will tell you that it’s your skills! However, many people don’t list out what they are good at on their resume at all. On the Perfect Resume, we make it easy for employers to see your proficiencies right off the bat.

Show off your achievements.

Most candidates focus on the responsibilities of their current position rather than what they have accomplished. With the Perfect Resume, we want you to briefly describe your job—but then, we highlight all that you achieved, so employers can visualize the impact you will have for them.

Don’t just write it  say it with Video Profile.

In order to really set yourself apart from the competition, we display your Video Profile right along with your Perfect Resume. This allows employers to find out who you truly are, and gives you an advantage over all others who are just creating boring paper resumes!