Perfect candidate meet the perfect career

Our Goals

At iinView, we are committed to doing two things:
  • Help qualified candidates find the right job for their experience, skills, and talents.
  • Help Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition professionals find the best candidates for their open job opportunities.

So how do we plan on making these two things happen?

iinView for Job Seekers

By giving job seekers from all walks of life — unemployed, underemployed, or just looking for the next step in a career — a new set of unique tools to promote themselves and apply for new employment opportunities. From our iinView Video Profile (IVP) to The Perfect Resume, our iinView team has developed innovative methods for qualified candidates to showcase themselves and stand out from the crowd.

By using iinView, you will:
  • Take complete control over your employment search by using our proprietary tracking features
  • Be seen and heard as a real candidate before you ever get called for a job interview
  • Know immediately who opens and views your iinView Video Profile
  • Stop wasting time from your career search into the Resume Black Hole

After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression, iinView help you make it one that lasts.

iinView for Employer

For Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition professionals looking to hire, we can help you streamline your hiring process. Utilizing iinView Video Profile (IVP) and The Perfect Resume in one convenient location will give you an opportunity to truly get to know each potential candidate’s personality, abilities, and experience.

By using iinView, you will:
  • Find top talent faster
  • Collaborate with team members to hire the absolute best candidate for the job
  • Reduce the number of onsite interviews
  • See an iinView interview anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an Internet connection
  • Create on-demand, job-specific interview questions and send to your top candidates
  • Your time equals money, and iinView helps you — and your company — save it
That’s it. 

Whether you are gainfully or painfully employed, without work or hardly working, getting yourself iinView is all you need to find that next job or missing candidate. We are taking the “un” out of “unemployment.” Connecting the perfect candidate with the perfect career.

Let’s get started today!