Like all good ideas, iinView started out drawn on a napkin.

Our Beginning

Our story began on a cold day in November, with two of our three founders (referred to as “The Cool Guys”) attending a recruiting road show in Dallas. This particular show challenged talent acquisition managers, hiring directors, and executive recruiters to adapt to the monumental changes in the ways we communicate in the job and candidate search industry. The key point was how traditional methods of hiring (as well as “traditional employees”) were soon to be a thing of the past.

That was the spark for iinView — the future of recruiting and matching the perfect candidate to the perfect career.

One of the speakers at the recruiting road show demonstrated how an interview could be conducted via Skype or any other online video-conferencing technology, which inspired the two Cool Guys there. During the ride home, the proverbial “light bulb” went off and they asked themselves “What If?”

Pulling the car over on a congested Dallas freeway, these two discussed all the WHAT IFs:

  • What if hiring managers were in the room with us during our interviews?
  • What if we could utilize a platform that gets hiring managers and executive recruiting personnel all the information they need in one clean format?
  • What if we could take advantage of some unique features of social media for hiring, job placement, and recruiting?
  • What if we could create a software tool to automate the day-to-day activities of what we do as recruitment professionals?

After three hours of brainstorming and napkin drawings, these questions had answers:

iinView Video Profile (IVP) and The Perfect Resume

Now that those answers are a reality set to change hiring, job seeking, and recruiting moving forward, all three of the Cool Guys have developed a way to enable presentation, scheduling, collaboration, and communication between hiring managers, their team members, and candidates. More importantly, the big What If question:

What if putting this all together changed the way companies hire, gave job seekers a tool to put their best foot forward in finding a job, and gave them total control of their job search efforts? That is what iinView does for candidates and recruiters.

Getting It Together

We started bootstrapping the job seeking and recruiting technology together with our own funds. We knew we were onto something special when we started seeing companies with similar ideas or using parts of what we created but there was no company that matched the perfect candidate with the perfect career, like iinView.

Another point of difference was that the other companies were totally focused on the company side of the equation. One of the things that makes us unique is our focus on both employers and candidates.

Our goal is to help job seekers with innovative tools to manage their job search and put their best foot forward so they’re not just submitting their resumes into the “Resume Black Hole.” Likewise, the two Cool Guys developed a tool that would give power back to the recruiting and hiring managers with meaningful interviews and the most qualified candidates.

We hope our solution completely changes the “inside the box” world of current recruiting methods by giving both the hiring organization and the talent the opportunity to be fully “iinView” of each other.

iinView Today

Everything was coming together, but there was something missing. And as it turned out, that something was actually, someone. A friend and colleague of the original Cool Guys joined the company to provide invaluable business know-how and accomplished, entrepreneurial experience.

His addition was a huge milestone, rounding out our executive team and helping us prepare to take iinView to market. In April, it was ready for public launch, and here we are today — providing a better way to connect qualified candidates with employers and employers with better candidates.

Welcome to iinView!